The Expats Association of Kolding is a non-profit organization which is aimed at promoting various social causes in the interest of Expats settled in Kolding municipality.

The purpose of this association is to get all the Expats living in the municipality of Kolding together and feel welcomed in Kolding.

The other main purpose of this association is to promote integration and create a network in the Danish society.

The association provides a platform to all Expats to share knowledge, experience, skills and cultures with other Expats and members.

Anybody who has moved to Kolding from another country with a partner working or studying in Denmark or is a Dane who lived out of Denmark for a long time and returned back can become the member of this association.

The objectives of this association also includes:

  • Create a social network of Expats
  • Bring together all Like-minded Expats to connect with
  • Create and Enhance the professional network for Expats
  • Provide counselling and support in finding a job
  • Helping Expats to start or promote a business idea
  • Learn and Share different cultures and traditions
  • Organizing Events to promote integration among Expats
  • Organize events to facilitate develop a network with the Danish Society