The Expats Association of Kolding (TEAK)

Stejlbjergvej 29, 6000 Kolding DK

(CVR # 36638729)
  1. The Association of Expats in Kolding will be purely a non-profit organization which will promote various social causes to the interest of Expats settled in Kolding municipality.
  2. The purpose of this association is to get all the Expats living in the municipality of Kolding together and feel welcomed in Kolding.
  3. The other main purpose of this association is to promote integration and create a network in the Danish society.
  4. The association will provide a platform to all Expats to share knowledge, experience, skills and cultures with other Expats and members.
  5. Anybody who has moved to Kolding from another country with a partner working or studying in Denmark or is a Dane who lived out of Denmark for a long time and returned back can become the member of this association.
  6. The objectives of this association will include, but will not be limited to:
    • Create a social network of Expats
    • Bring together all Like-minded Expats to connect with
    • Create and Enhance the professional network for Expats
    • Provide counselling and support in finding a job
    • Helping Expats to start or promote a business idea
    • Learn and Share different cultures and traditions
    • Organizing Events to promote integration among Expats
    • Organize events to facilitate develop a network with the Danish Society
  7. The open general assembly of the association will be held once a year and will be attended by all the members of the association.
  8. The notice of the general assembly will be given by the Chairman at least 4 weeks before the scheduled assembly.
  9. The Board of the association will comprise of Ten persons:
    • Chairman – One
    • Vice Chairman – One
    • Secretary – One
    • PR Manager – Two
    • Board Members – Four
    • Compulsory Member from Danish Community – One
  10. The main agenda of the annual general assembly will be:
    • Choose the facilitator of the general assembly
    • Choosing the person to write down the minutes
    • Update from the Chairman on the past year
    • Presentation of the accounts and budget
    • Presentation of proposals for events and activities by the members
    • Voting over proposals from the members
    • Definition of the membership fee for the current year
    • Elections of board members
    • Any additional agenda as proposed by the members
    • Election of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and other office bearers by the board members
    • Handing over of the charge to the new team
  11. The general assembly will have the authority to make decision based on voting to decide on any matter before the board regardless of the number of members present during the general assembly
  12. The vote on budget and dissolution of the association can only be carried out if the 2/3 of the total number of members present vote in favor of it.
  13. All other matters will be decided by the majority through a secret vote.
  14. Extra ordinary general assembly can be arranged at any time by the board, and can only be arranged if 2/3 of the members express a written need for it.
  15. All communication to the association e-mail id will always be considered valid.
  16. Leadership consists of the board. The board represents the association in all relations. The boards’ decisions and actions, which are in harmony with the associations’ purpose and rules obligate the association.
  17. Every board member has one vote.
  18. The associations funds are administrated by the treasurer and kept in a bank account created in the name of ‘The Expats Association of Kolding’.
  19. The treasurer is the only authority to the bank account.
  20. The membership fee for the association is free, but some fee will be charged to cover the cost of events from the participants.
  21. The board is at the authority to define new membership fee structure by way of proposal and voting by existing members during general assembly.
  22. All non-members willing to attend the event organised by the board will have to pay an event fee which will vary from event to event depending on the decision of the board. The fee will not exceed 100 kr. per person per event under any circumstances.
  23. All the work for the association and board will be voluntary and will not be paid.
  24. All expenses related to the work of the association can be covered on request upon the approval of the board.
  25. The membership to the association can be withdrawn in writing to the treasurer no later than 2 weeks before the beginning of the new membership year.
  26. All event participation fee paid to the association is non-refundable.
  27. The members can vote to change any rule of the association in the general assembly with 2/3 votes in favor of the change of the total members of the association, with an exception of special requirements to change the budget and dissolution of association.
  28. Any member of the association, who is not working in the spirit of the association or working against the common interest of the association, can be removed by the board. The removed member will have the right to question the decision in the next general assembly and the final decision will be based on the vote of the present members.
  29. For any decision to be passed by the association voting has to be followed and 2/3 majority of present members is required to pass a decision.
  30. The association or board is only liable for its commitments with funds of the association itself. Neither the members of the board or the association are personally liable for the associations’ commitments.
  31. Roles and Responsibilities of the Board Members are defined as below:
    • Roles and Responsibilities of TEAK Chairman
      • Anchoring the association meetings and giving a welcome message to the TEAK meetings.
      • Planning of various events of TEAK.
      • Sending invitation to all the members for events.
      • Distribution of MOMs to all the members.
      • Approval and acceptance of resignation of any board members.
      • Maintenance of association rules and regulation guide.
    • Roles and Responsibilities of TEAK Vice – Chairman
      • Vice Chairman will assist the Chairman in carrying out his responsibilities.
      • Act as a substitute for Chairman in his/her absence in all manners.
      • Will provide necessary approvals for events proposed by event management group
      • Maintenance of TEAK website.
    • Roles and Responsibilities of TEAK Treasurer
      • Presentation of the accounts and budgets in the general assembly meeting.
      • Handling of Cash and Bank account of TEAK.
      • Providing necessary budget approvals for planned events.
      • Arranging for TEAK meeting places and taking required permissions.
      • Collection of all the TEAK bills and providing approvals for the same.
      • Collection and managing of Membership Fees.
    • Roles and Responsibilities of other Board Members
      • Management of TEAM membership database.
      • Event Management & Coordination.
      • Will handle and manage PR, advertisement.
      • Will work for promotion of the association.
      • Managing membership inflow.