The Expats Association of Kolding was started by Rajinder Pal Singh (India), Rafa Zamora Paniagua (Spain) & Manmeet Kaur (India) in 2015 after moving to Kolding from their respective countries with the help and guidance of Business Kolding & Kolding Kommune.

Since our inception in 2015, we have been working towards making the transition of fellow expats into Danish life smooth & easy. We have also organized many workshops to help each other understand the new culture, traditions and way of life & livelihood in our chosen new country, Denmark.

On many occasions, with the help, involvement and inclusion of professionals and local experts, to explain & simplify many processes about various things including Buying a House, Buying a Car, Insurance (Job, House, Car), Understanding the Tax (SKAT), Renting a House, Knowledge about the Job Market and many more. By doing this we believe that we try to help many new and old expats in the process.

We have also had special workshop with the former Foreign Minister of Denmark, Villy Søvndal, who is also an author of a book, “Med håbet som drivkraft”, which was attended, liked & appreciated by many expats.

During the years, we have also organized many cross-culture events like Halloween, Color Festivals, Grill & Barbeque events, Nature Walks, Beach Parties, Christmas Dinners, Light Festival, New Year Parties, Pub Crawls, Bowling, Football Golf & International Dinner to name a few.

This could have not been possible without your support and encouragement. We thank you for all the inputs. All this would also not have been possible without the support of Kolding Kommune, Business Kolding, Kolding Library, Work-Live-Stay, Job Center, Trekantomraadet and of course the accepting, loving and supporting Danish Community.

We have also provided a platform to many other groups on Facebook, who wanted to help build a network of expats in Kolding. One of them being, “A beer or two Kolding” (2016). Another being, “Coffee with TEAK” (2018), a monthly social networking event over coffee to help expats network with each other.

One of the most attended and most effective workshop organized by us was the “Buying a House in Denmark as a Foreigner” (2017). This workshop was only possible with the help of professionals from the Banking, Insurance & Real Estate, who were willing to help us understand the complexities of the Banking, Mortgage, Financing, Insurance & Housing markets in Denmark. In this seminar we had representatives from the banking sector, Real Estate and from the Insurance as the experts. We are very happy so say that almost everyone who attended this workshop is now a proud owner of a House.

We plan to organize many similar workshops and seminars on an ongoing basis to help other fellow expats who have missed these in the past to get some insights and benefit from the same.